Dear Meri Winters

Dear Meri Winters: A Holiday Romance

Will sparks fly when Meri Winters and Paul Brodbeck are snowed in together?

Novella Blurb (which is a little different than what will be on the blog, due to salacious reasons 🙂 )

Meri Winters and her pretend boyfriend stage a very public breakup right before the holidays. In need of some major r&r, she opts to keep the mountain cabin reservation they had made for Christmas – where fans were sure they’d get engaged – and arrives in Felicity Falls to discover she did not cancel the home chef – Paul – they had hired for the week. At first, she wants to pay the cancellation fee, but quickly realizes she doesn’t want to be alone for the holidays. When an unexpectedly strong snowstorm forces Paul to spend the night, one night quickly turns into a week-long fling. She has no expectations when it comes to Paul, but the more they cook together in the kitchen, the harder it is to deny the heat between them. 

Paul Brodbeck leads a delicious life. As a home chef for Felicity Falls Fine Dining, he has garnered a reputation for his humorous cooking instruction, elegant plating, and metaphorically charming the aprons off of his female clients. In a manner not conducive to the season of giving, his boss fires him just before Christmas. Suddenly jobless, Paul doesn’t think twice when Meri Winters offers to keep him on as the home chef for her couples-turned-solo-vacation. After a winter storm leaves him with no way to get off the mountain, he ends up spending the week with Meri. When sparks fly, Paul knows that what he’s feeling for Meri is deeper than the three feet of snow keeping them trapped inside.

When Meri learns the truth about Paul’s job, will she still want him? And when an unexpected visitor shows up, will Paul’s heart be forgotten in the snow?

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