Oak + River Books was created by an avid reader with an amazing son, a lovable dog, and three crazy cats. The Oak + River Books blog combines a passion for books and reading with an enjoyment of the outdoors and recreation.

Check out these posts to learn more about me and my intentions for Oak + River Books:

A Beautiful Beginning

Welcome to Oak + River Books! I am honored to be a part of your journey. Browse the Q&A below to learn more about what Oak + River Books means to me. What is Oak + River Books? This blog is a creative space to explore literature with a special emphasis on nature and the… Continue reading A Beautiful Beginning

The Coveter

What is the deal with wanderlust? When I was briefly on the Tinder, it seemed like every guy was looking for a picture-perfect girl who would be up for spontaneous adventures to anywhere as if they had no other earthly obligations. In the wise words of Ariana Grande, “Thank you, next.” But there is something… Continue reading The Coveter

The Creator

“Heather, you’re not very creative.” About six years ago, a friend said those words to me. And I just laughed it off. “Haha, I know!” It wasn’t funny, though. When I was a kid, I loved reading and writing. In the fifth grade I shared a short story with my teacher after I was inspired… Continue reading The Creator

The Ecocritic

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I was blessed to be surrounded by trees, the sweet smell of hay, and some avid skiers. Thanks to my body’s sometimes-painful aversion to the cold, I didn’t quite take advantage of everything the outdoors had to offer, but the good news is there is much to be offered! Despite… Continue reading The Ecocritic

The Orchid Graveyard

Me: Hey, do you remember when you asked me to watch your aloe plant while you were on vacation? Friend: Yeah… he never really recovered after that. Oops. My bad. I soooo wanted to be one of those people with a green thumb. I wanted vines hanging by the windows and giant fig leaf trees… Continue reading The Orchid Graveyard