Here for It by R. Eric Thomas

Here for It was meant to be my next treadmill read – that is, the book I read while walking on my treadmill. Eventually, I became too engrossed in the book and gave up on the treadmill part. I know R. Eric Thomas would understand ๐Ÿ™‚ This book is FUNNY! I laughed out loud multiple… Continue reading Here for It by R. Eric Thomas

The Last Tree Town by Beth Turley

In The Last Tree Town, Cassi Chord is coming to terms with growing up – identity, culture, heritage, sisterhood, friendships, family dynamics, and mental health are all important elements of Beth Turley’s latest work. “It’s been forty-seven days since our last night of s’mores and scary stories. The number forty-seven has too many sharp edges.”… Continue reading The Last Tree Town by Beth Turley


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Heather is a reader, writer, hiker, and casual over-thinker. She loves in Texas with her family.